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Celebrate with Weight Loss Rewards

my photo journal as i lost over 100 pounds

I lost over 100 pounds on my weight loss journey and found that rewarding myself for goals along the way was very encouraging. Even small rewards for reaching my weight loss goals are encouraging.

Losing weight is hard. It takes a lot of time and energy, and it’s easy to feel like you’re not making any progress. But when you reach your goals along the way, it’s worth celebrating!

Here are some fun and healthy ways to reward yourself for losing weight. Small rewards for reducing body weight will help you keep focused on your goals and keep you progressing on your weight loss journey.

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Track your goals and success

– Keep a food journal to help track the improvements to your diet. Eating proper foods is the first step to losing weight.

– Try a fitness app or fitness tracker to keep on goal with your progress. I use apps and a smartwatch to track my food intake and my daily workouts. They even remind me to grab my water bottle and stay hydrated.

– A great idea to help you keep on track is to make a photo journal tracking your weight loss success. Each time I saw success or reached a goal, I would find small ways to celebrate with weight loss rewards.

When it comes to rewarding yourself for weight loss, there are endless possibilities.

Set goals for weight loss, nutrition, and exercise that are achievable and help you stay on track. Focus on healthy meals and exercise to develop good habits that will continue for life. Enjoying a reward for weight loss will give you positive reinforcement that will help you continue to lose weight.

Great ideas for weight loss rewards

Reward yourself for your healthy lifestyle choices and your weight loss. Healthy living is a journey, not a fad. Celebrating your weight loss efforts with non-food rewards is better than choosing food as a weight loss reward. Reward your weight loss milestones. A great reward might be new shoes, your dream car, or hiring a personal trainer to further your success. Rewarding your good behavior can have lifelong lasting effects.

– Go for a walk or run in a beautiful place. Getting out in nature and getting some exercise is a great way to celebrate your weight loss success.

enjoy a run in a park

Buy yourself some new clothes or a new pair of shoes. When you’ve lost weight, it can be fun to go shopping for clothes that show off your new body.

enjoy a weight loss reward like shopping

Make yourself a healthy meal. Cook something delicious and nutritious to reward yourself for all of your hard work.

healthy cooking

Spend time with loved ones, friends, and family members. Celebrate your success with the people who support you and who are proud of your accomplishments.

spend time outdoors with family and friends – Do something special for yourself. Buy a new book, a new nail polish, or treat yourself to a new movie or something you’ve been wanting. You deserve it!

– Plan out your weight loss milestones to help you continue to lose weight and get in shape. A fitness tracker and a personal trainer can provide help on your weight loss journey.

– Pamper yourself and enjoy a little self-care with a relaxing reward like a spa day or a professional relaxing massage.

reward yourself with a massage – Plan a weekend getaway to a favorite spot or try somewhere new.

– Get some new workout gear or workout clothes.

– Get a gym membership to reward your healthy habit and continue your weight loss journey to the new you.

– Think about what is the best reward for you.

These are just a few weight loss reward ideas to get you started. The important thing is to find something that makes you happy and that feels like a worthy reward for all of your hard work.

More inspiration and tips to lose weight

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If you’re looking for more weight loss rewards inspiration, check out my article on how to lose weight fast by exercising and eating healthy food. Whether you want to lose weight for a special occasion or just to make lasting changes, motivation is the key. And if you need some motivation to keep going, read my inspiring story about body transformation and losing over 100 pounds.

Weight loss motivation

Losing weight requires a lot of motivation and developing healthy habits. We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions, but sometimes they are hard to keep. You need to be motivated to stick with your diet and exercise plan to lose body fat. There will be times when you feel like giving up, but if you can find the strength to keep going, you will succeed. Rewards for reaching each weight loss milestone can help you stay motivated by giving you something to look forward to. Look to your family and your best friend for support and encouragement.

motivationChoose the best rewards for you

Choose rewards that are meaningful to you and that will help keep you on track. Make it a special occasion. Consider a spa day, joining a gym, or a weight loss program like Weight Watchers.

speaking at Weight Watchers convention in New York After losing over 100 pounds, I was invited to speak at the Weight Watchers conference in New York City.

Track your weight loss journey

Remember a weight loss journey begins with small steps. Eating healthy foods and getting a workout routine will help. A great idea to help you keep on track is to make a photo journal tracking your weight loss success.

Weight loss tips to achieve success and reward yourself

When it comes to weight loss rewards, setting goals is key. Be sure to set realistic weight loss goals that you can achieve. Once you reach your goals, reward yourself! This will help keep you motivated.

-Find a weight loss buddy to help support and encourage you.

-Keep a journal to track your progress. I chose to do a photo journal. Seeing my weight loss progress was very encouraging.

-Set smaller goals so that you can celebrate more often along the way.

-Make sure your weight loss rewards are healthy and will keep you on track with your weight loss goals. It’s important to find the perfect reward that makes you happy and feels like a worthy reward for all of your hard work!

Enjoy non-food rewards with your family

Getting your family and kids on board can help motivate everyone. It is often easier to succeed in your weight loss efforts when you have support from your loved ones.

Make healthy living a goal for you and your family by setting goals and celebrating with weight loss rewards that everyone can take part in. A special family game night or outdoor activity can be just the motivation everyone needs.

Rewards don’t have to cost money

Free rewards are often the simplest and most fun.

• Go on a hike with family and friends.

• Read a favorite book or one you’ve been meaning to read

• Enjoy a whole weekend off. Unplug and relax.

• Cook a healthful meal with your family and friends

• Take a long walk in a park

• Dance!

Change your eating habits with a healthy meal service

Meal plans are all the rage but selecting the right one to complement your weight loss goals is very important. Look for healthy meal service plans that help you count calories so you can enjoy food weight loss rewards.


You deserve to be healthy and happy. Celebrating your weight loss achievements can go a long way to help you focus and gain inspiration. Weight loss is a journey and taking time to enjoy your progress will make the journey all that more fun.

Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small. They all add up to big success!


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